For over 90 years, we have been looking at the quality of brewed coffee in the catering industry. Our experience shows that, as well as the instinctive sense for what is a delicate natural product, the right brewing technology plays a deciding role in what ends up in your cup. That is why we have developed the Bremer brewing process, without using pressure or filter paper. And that is why we have been dedicating ourselves to a small sensation in coffee machine development: The Bremer brewing process in one of the world's smallest catering-sized brewing machines. What more could you possibly want

To achieve your aims of a quality service to your customer, and to meet all the legislation requirements, it is paramount to your operation,. that all of your Catering Equipment be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. This routine maintenance will help to ensure that your Catering Equipment is efficient, reliable and safe. This will also help to minimise very inconvenient and costly breakdowns.


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