viva 230

(Alternating Current)

Brewing Capacity
120 cups/h of regular coffee or
270 cups/h of espresso or
160 cups/h of cafe creme or
180 cups/h of cappuccino or
180 cups/h of cafe latte
100 cups/h latte macchiato
140 glasses/h of tea

Total capacity of beverages
.......270 cups/h

Connected load
......3.5 kW

Water Supply and Drainage
......R3/4" /DN 20

Dimensions (WxDxH)
......360 x 560 x 690 mm

(dispensing of coffee and hot water at the same time is not possible)


Order No Version   Other Models
  Grinder(s) Hot Water Steam Milk Froth Viva 24 (Black)
880 035


without espresso pump Viva 24 (silver)
880 175 1       Viva 230
880 094 1 X     Viva 400 (7.0kW)
880 132 1 X X   Viva 400 (9.5kW)
880 191 1 X   X Viva Barista
880 140 1 X X X Viva Au Lait
880 108 2 X     Viva XXL
880 159 2 X X   XXL Accessories
880 345 2 X   X Viva Accessories
880 167 2 X X X Viva In-Line Units
880 183 3 X X X Viva Accounting Modules
711 451 Installation components for lock of bean container Bremer Home Page
If the water hardness exceeds5 degs dKH
a water softener must be installed in
the water feed.The types mentioned above are available
as self service versions (withiut steam, with
lockable bean container and
single dispenser).






Bremer Viva 400

VIVA is the flexible coffee machine system designed
by bremer. The VIVA 230 and VIVA 400 operate
with a patented Needle-Filter-Brewing-System .
Based on this system it is possible to brew regular
coffee and other coffee specialities with one
brewing system. The VIVA design is Especially ergonomic with special features like 1,2 or 3
grinders and an additional device for manual dosing
of ground coffee.

Please note that machines in self service version have to be ordered indevidually.