viva 24 black

Brewing Capacity
...100-140 cups/h of or
...decaf coffee or
...espresso or creme or
...cappuccino or latte
...latte macchiato
...or water for tea

Connected load
......3.5 kW

Water Supply and Drainage
......R3/4" /DN 20

Dimensions (WxDxH)
......240 x 560 x 689 mm



Basic Line Description   Other Models
Order No. Grinder(s) Hot Water Steam Milk Froth Viva 24 (Black)


      Viva 24 (silver)
830674 1 X     Viva 230
985880 1     X Viva 400 (7.0kW)
985902 1 X   X Viva 400 (9.5kW)
985910 1 X X X Viva Barista
830682 2       Viva Au Lait
830690 2 X     Viva XXL
985929 2 X   X XXL Accessories
982527 2 X X X Viva Accessories
All units are in Black Viva In-Line Units

The VIVA 24 is the smallest fully professional
coffee machine from bremer. Fresh variety with
1 or 2 grinders. Adjustable in height, double outlet
for 2 products at the same time and ideal for
different cup sizes. fully automatic milk frothing and
heating of milk. Device for manual dosing integrated
of the bean container and level control of coffee
beans. The VIVA 24 can be supplemented perfectly
with other machines of the VIVA program, e.g. with
a VIVA cupwarmer or VIVA milk fridge.
The VIVA 24 has optional, the possibility to connect
to the standard coin changer

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